Privacy Statement

As a member of the Babson College Community, I understand that Babson is NO PLACE FOR HAZING.  I have read the Babson College Hazing Policy and understand my responsibility to maintain a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for myself and other Babson community members.  

  1. I know where to locate both the Babson College Hazing Policy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Hazing Law.
  2. I understand that hazing puts both myself and my organization at risk and I agree to comply with these policies and to report hazing of which I am aware.
  3. I understand that hazing practices are not only harmful, but also have no place at Babson or in student organizations.
  4. I will not allow myself to be hazed nor will I tolerate the hazing or harassment of any fellow members.

 By checking this box, I understand the Babson College and Massachusetts state laws.  I also understand that I am responsible for upholding the statements listed above.

To file an anonymous report go to: